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Kiberty We Want The Real Thing Compilation LP

5.00 post paid in the UK

Liberty...We Want The Real Thing Vinyl LP


5 pounds post paid in the UK


Also available from overseas, click on contact link above for details.


Full track listing: 


1. Compassion - And if this is the song

2. Snuff - That's enough

3. Surf Weasel - Laugh it up

4. Suicidal Supermarket Trollies - Phaze in reality

5. March of Anger - Creation

6. Shutdown - Manipulation

7. Wat Tyler - Steven do

8. Exit Condition - Days of wild skies

9. Pullermann - Suburban girls

10. Trench Fever - The old

11. Doctor & The Crippens - Fish

12. Pash'un - Introducing thrash metal

13. Clifton Stark Sensation - Something right on

14. Citizen Fish - Same old starving millions

Sisters Of Percy Records, 2011