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ICONS OF FILTH - Fool Britannia

Nuclear defence is a threat
Canít you see itís common sense
Still stockpiles build up on each side of the fence
Sometimes they meet & talk
They talk of peace & war
Always talks fail & they want to fight it here
It ainít employ
It is destroy
It ainít employ
It is destroy
Play the game
Like toys
The signs are everywhere land, sea & air
Because of our silence they think we donít care
But we do care donít we?
Christ! Its our world too
Theyíre taking the piss out of me & you
Surely together we can begin to create a life for ourselves
Not based on power and greed
Is there really no room in our world for caring & sharing?
No room in our hearts & minds so we can start preparing?
Government & military leaders donít care how we feel as they plan our
If itís o.k. for them
Then its o.k. for us all
Just work for them & their security & theyíll see us all o.k.
& donít worry about the risks
Itís got good pay
But what good is the cash to your family & future when both start to decay
Tell me how díyou make a living from death & destruction?
Mining, refining, building, designing
Youíre creating the holocaust
Making a living from the missiles, until the missiles fall
Seems so contradictory
It will destroy us all
Stupidity is the name of the game
íCos in this game
Defence is a threat which can turn to attack
Too late when we get to the point where there's no turning back
Still itís just a job, who cares anyway?
Lets go on make believing the threat will go away
This government will sort it out
They care
Theyíll see us all o.k
So letís sit tight & hope our make believe wonít just blow away
It ainít employ
It is destroy
It ainít employ
It is destroy
Play the game
No noise (for a while)
A limited war they said
Limited to what millions dead?
Theyíve killed & wanna kill again
But they mustnít fight it here
Theyíve got no right to fight it anywhere
Tell them straight if you care
It ainít employ
It is destroy
It ainít employ
It is destroy
No way
No more