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ICONS OF FILTH - Ghettos of Disillusion

The streets are full of people and there's little room to hide.
Best to walk and face the floor and try not to collide.
Eye contact is a no-no with anyone you don't know.
Well, it's a must.
Especially at night.
Don't go out without good reason.
There's gangs about.
They don't need a reason.
Macho rantings and senseless violence.
Token gestures and local damage.
Fragmented groups.
Sheep-like troops.
Organised confusion.
Ghetto's of disillusion without rhyme or reason.
You're staring at a window as if it were a wall.
The extent of your vision is no vision at all.
The real vandals destroy the planet.
The real abusers, abuse for profit.
Re-offenders and just won't stop it.
Methinks they have completely lost it.
Lift up the lids of your own eyes.
There's real change to realise.
Proud to be black?
Proud to be white?
Fucking why?
The corridors of power are packed with puppets voted in by fuckwits.
The real crimes are performed by bigots.
Financed by the banks and business.
Can we decide to recognise each others own true worth 
and realise the greater prize will take a lot more thought.
We're mutually abused and chnage won't come by tomorrow. 
The sands of time are running out and then time will be borrowed.