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ICONS OF FILTH - They've Taken Everything

Iíve got a name & Iíve been given a number
Been pushed to the ground
So Iím going under
Donít want to live from day to day on mere pittance
Theyíve taken my life & given me an existence

(Chorus) Taken life & given existance
You take my life
You couldnít take anymore

Could live in peace
But they wont let us
Could live with freedom
But they just canít see
Our days are numbered
But they donít have to be
Theyíve taken everything - now theyíd kill us

Raped of everything apart from our dignity
We stand not alone in our strive for equality
As resistance grows & your orders are refused
Take a look around
Used, abused, unamused

Letís think of a new way