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A measure of insecurity   Now we're getting warmer
Airwaves   One second to midnight
Asking too much   Onward Christian soldiers
Brain death   Orators of Mumbo jumbo
Cut the crap   Perpetual Notion
Death is the only release   Plastic Wrap
Dividing line   Politricks
Enough is enough   Power for power
Evil speak   Present and history
Fast and Loose   Riddled With Guilt
Flag   Self styled superiority
Fool Britannia   Show us you care
Fucked up state   Sod the children
Ghetto of Disillusion   Sunk rock
Grind   They've taken everything
Henry Ford   Treadmill
Just Won't Go   Used, abused, unamused
Mentally murdered   Virus
Midnight   Vivisector
No fucking choice   Why so limited?
Nostradamnedus   Your military