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ICONS OF FILTH - Present and History

Your cord is cut
Your arse is smacked
We'll take the piss all your life
We’ll show you strife
You don’t know nothing sonny Jim
If we have anything to do with it
You never will
We’ve got you brained we’ll have you trained
To crawl
To kill
Protected from the start
Rejected with no heart
Respect your elders
We’re your chain welders
Protected from what?
You’re always in the dark
Rejections what you’ve got
Yet you still play your part
You don’t do what you want to
You do what you’re told to
But of course you never realise you’re not supposed to
So now you’re taught their morality, their law
So you can’t see they’re stealing your feelings
They need your acceptance to bury the lies
They’ve fed your ears with those lies
If you can’t see this
Then they’ve got your eyes
You see? They do!
You must listen all the time
Obey & shut yours
Otherwise they’ll have you behind closed doors
Fly their flag & sing their songs
Protect their power by building bombs
They have killed millions throughout the ages
Do you turn a blind eye once again & once again pay the consequences
Every time in the past when we’ve drunk their piss
They’ve taken off their velvet glove...... & shown us their fist