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BANKSY FORUMS Artofthestate probably changes his mind too frequently to run a forum. There are several places, however, where you can get a discussion going on street art and urban art.

The biggest by far is the Urban Art Association aka It has thousands of members and a overall moderator in Silky who keeps the place nice and friendly (though a little too safe and cosy in others eyes). Everything ends up on UAA but it does take a while sometimes to wade through the endless talk about prints. 

For an irreverent and often flipside to the UAA check on the Street Art Is Dead blog. Whilst not a forum as such the comments are often revealing meaning that it punches above its weight despite having a massively smaller audience. Pretty much un_moderated and seemingly on to the galleries and their hyping tricks it’s the most brutal read out there.

Finally there is the relatively recent banksysforum which despite its name covers all street art and more. It contains all the salient information from the UAA, has some great Banksy experts and is probably more in line with the ideals portrayed by Banksy’s work than the UAA. It’s relatively quiet though. 




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