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art of the state archive

Banksy, London street art, punk, London photography by Steve Cotton

Dface street art and graffiti

Dface street art and graffiti in London

Dface’s image peer out and peer down at you from all over London. The locations he chooses are often in high profile areas and often surprise the passer by who is used to non decorated and mundane surroundings. See more on

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dface_mouse.jpg (55503 bytes)dface_balloon_dog_box.jpg (26668 bytes)dface_car_wash.jpg (57062 bytes)
dface_fuck.jpg (60003 bytes)Dface_dog_save_the_queen.jpg (34336 bytes)dface_balloon_dog_1.jpg (46695 bytes)
Twickenham_wall.jpg (41746 bytes)outside_institute_guestbook.jpg (38578 bytes)dface_balloon_dog_pumpkin.jpg (77549 bytes)
dface_cheese_sign.jpg (34082 bytes)Dface_Airborne_Calvary.jpg (38741 bytes)dface_street_improvements_canvas.jpg (48331 bytes)
dface_reserve_note.jpg (48201 bytes)dface_feltham_clown.jpg (70930 bytes)dface_victoria_and_albert_museum.jpg (89402 bytes)
dface_lamp_post_sticker.jpg (38825 bytes)dface_pink_shirt.jpg (39590 bytes)dface_cctv.jpg (37679 bytes)
dface_safety_pin_stencil_tag.jpg (39656 bytes)dface_pair_of_dogs.jpg (32125 bytes)dface_street_improvements_canvas_painting.jpg (36078 bytes)
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