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Dr D If you Know What He’s Thinking shouldn’t you tell us       home london photos london street art punk, icons of filth, subhumans, zines copyright info contact artofthestate art of the state site map / info             street art archive copy                             Dr d "If You Know What He’s Thinking Shouldn’t You Tell Us".  Covering the inside walls were paste ups of what looked alarmingly like knitting pattern models giving reassuring advice to citizens. "If you know what he’s thinking shouldn’t you tell us". 

At first the slogans seem a bit far fetched but then you realise that their content has all been used in recent government campaigns through other words under the guise of combating terrorism.    

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2009

Dr D "If You Know What He's Thinking Shouldn't You Tell Us"Dr.D Brain Wash Launderette "If You Know What He’s Thinking Shouldn’t You Tell Us"

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