Graffiti Woman Book

Graffiti Woman Book Nicholas Ganz

Graffiti Woman Book _ Nicholas Ganz (Thames & Hudson) You can’t tell from a tag whether a writers male or female and there’s a good argument to say that’s the way it should be and that it doesn’t matter. Despite this Nicholas Ganz has produced a beautifully illustrated and fascinating book which covers a fresh perspective on graffiti operators. Like all other books which explore the reasons why writers do what they do there’s an incredibly diverse range of opinions here. The art is as diverse as you can get too. Malicia from Barcelona produces fine large scale examples of big eyed cartoon like women which bears no relation to the intricate cut out figures of Swoon or the geometric letters of Mickey from Amsterdam.

The UK is represented by Akit, Chock, Ethel, Maya Deren, Becky Drayson,  Panda and Waleska but there is a massive body of work (over 1200 photographs) from around the world much in the previous vein as Nicholas’s Ganz previous book ‘Graffiti World’. All in all another excellent heavyweight graffiti book running to 224 pages.

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Graffiti Woman Book

Graffiti Woman Book

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