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London Street Art Book       home london photos london street art punk, icons of filth, subhumans, zines copyright info contact artofthestate art of the state site map / info             street art archive copy                             London Street Art Book   The book title says it all really. This is a snapshot of London Street Art in a postcard sized book. I would think all of the photographs were taken in a very short period of time and the only writing is a very short introduction where some of the text is just plain wrong. 

Whilst the pictures are great in general, nicely composed and clear, probably half the work in the book appears on this site in one way or another and no artist is credited for their work. It is what it is though and will no doubt serve well as a taster for some as a relatively inexpensive book (from the right places!) which is pretty to look at. 

Hardback 96 pages 

ISBN 3791336746

London Street Art BookLondon Street Art Book

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