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Banksy, London street art, punk, London photography by Steve Cotton

Obey Shepard Fairey London Nineteeneightyfouria Show Exhibition Photos

Obey / Shepard Fairey Nineteeneightyfouria Exhibition photos,  London, November 2007 at stolenspace.

GALLERY SHOW  Photos from the show will appear here when the show closes.

Obey (Shepard Fairey) has his first solo exhibition in London at stolenspace (Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane) from the 2nd to the 22nd November 2007.

STREET WORK Paste ups from across London in advance of the show opening.

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2007

shepard_fairey_obey_beinging_dreams_to_life.jpg (220868 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_cctv_detail.jpg (200679 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_power_and_equality.jpg (194123 bytes)
shepard_fairey_obey_peace_goddess_detail.jpg (206340 bytes)shepard_faire_obey_peace_3.jpg (230903 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_sunsets.jpg (175676 bytes)
shepard_fairey_obey_decks.jpg (130143 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_peace.jpg (188400 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_spray_can_detail.jpg (153867 bytes)
shepard_fairey_obey_peace_goddess.jpg (215468 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_nineteeneightyfouria.jpg (199281 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_grenade_girl.jpg (213394 bytes)
shepard_fairey_obey_toxic_inspector.jpg (221417 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_joe_strummer.jpg (241729 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_war_is_over.jpg (186323 bytes)
shepard_faire_obey_peace_2.jpg (200939 bytes)shepard_fairey_obey_poster_rip.jpg (228174 bytes)
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