Icons Of Filth Airwaves

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The airwaves are one_eyed and biased.
When they tell you of free speech, they’re liars.
If you form an opinion that’s not in dominion, then you’re an oddball and should be kept quiet.
The voice you try hard to deny us, With methods from subtle to callous
If these voices are rare, then why should you even care to ensure the same mouths are silenced?
Free speech from the speechless to the listeners of the easy.
Radio shows that don’t tread toes and mask your woes when needs be.
Rock ‘n’ Roll has lost it’s soul and now everything is diluted.
Bands with fans, big money plans.
Your pockets emptied, looted.
They’re liars… with wires… they’re liars, they’re liars.
Edison’s machine, free fix, anyone?
…And don’t it make you scream?
Thought control for young and old, is free thought just a dream?
Marconi, Baird… a world ensnared… and to think it would come to this.
Any invention with good intention, used to turn your brains to pith.
Game show hosts and endless soaps become the new reality.
Quellers of hopes with cathode dopes for folks to blind to see.
Consumerism, voyeurism…you just can’t get enough.
Antenna head and already dead… from the fucking neck up.
Captivated, manipulated, but embarrassed to admit.
Ninety nine channels of pointless flannel… and mostly full of shit.
When they tell you of free speech they’re liars.