Icons Of Filth Brain Death Lyrics

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ICONS OF FILTH _ Brain Death

Just another birth, another life
Another brain to screw up and nullify to help achieve your aim
Another minds growth stunted and then filled up with shit
Never asked for life but he’ll have to learn to live with it
She’ll have to learn to live with it
We’ll have to learn to live in shit
Better hurry to the theatre because mummy’s got pains
Daddy’s got the day off work it’s been eating at his brains
Will it be male or female? Got to give the poor sod a name
Blue for boys and pink for girls
Does it matter what colour the chains?
Labeled and divided, defined from the start
Mummy & Daddy tore you and me apart
First oppression began before we were born at all
Brain death began before our first years at school
If you do what’s told and get it right
They use you as their tool
Do it wrong, refuse to play no part.
They make an example out of you
Twist a few brains, tan some hides
Tell your parents you’re a fool
then they wonder just where the hell they went wrong with you
School just fucks your brain
What you learn if for their gain
What you learn is preparation to uphold our precious system
Fight to get a good position
Shit on others and the system loves you
Mom and Pop can brag about you
Life is just a fucking conspiracy
So don’t be surprised if you don’t “make it in life”
Capitalism requires big divisions between people
It’s guaranteed that vast amounts of people get shit on
All governments require this state of degradation
Anarchy involves equal consideration for all
What the fuck have you against that?
I won’t scrub your fucking floors, won’t fight in your pathetic wars
Won’t sign because I can’t see the clause
Why should I compete?
I won’t kiss your feet
You can’t buy me
Fuck off