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About News Releases Lyrics Artwork RIP Stig Flyers Photos   MAIN RELEASES (bootlegs marked with an *)   Title Released Format Catalogue Not on her majesty’s service January 1983 cassette mort tapes 1 Used, abused, unamused August 1983 7" e.p. christ it’s 7 Onwards Christian soldiers March 1984 LP LP mort 5 Braindeath December 1984 7" e.p. mort ep 10 The filth and the fury July 1985 7" e.p. mort ep 18 The Mortarhate projects 1995 CD mort CD 005 * Live, abused and unamused Not known MC 053 * Show us you care May/ June 1999 7" e.p. bbpv 3/yf1 Nostradamnedus March  2002 CD GK090