Icons Of Filth Riddled With Guilt

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ICONS OF FILTH _ Riddled With Guilt

My first is in myself and my stealth and my wealth
My seconds in nature, so why question myself?
My third is a world that I rape of resource and my fourth is in horsemen and law and enforcement
Protect, state of neglect, serve, Gods and Masters, Fidie Defensors.
My fifths incontinent, I can’t help but pass then my sixth has no sense, deaf, dumb, blind to the last end.
My seventh’s in heaven, so you can go to hell then.
My eighth is the wonder you’re still in your shell when you might create some light first,
before you then curse your enforced darkness.
My ninth is my lives and in each one I’m dealt, my tenth’s a commandment to go fuck yourself, and…
What am I?… What am I?…What am I?… What am I?… What am I?