NMBD Recordings

No More Bloody Destruction _ No Reason etc.       local bands, punk mp3s, sisters of percy             photo archive blog copy       NMBD Home | NMBD Photos | NMBD Recordings Our top three favourite NMBD recordings: No More Bloody Destruction single No Reason to Hate EP This was great (no really it was)! It was even better when our Guitarist Matt did all the Steps type dance routines to go along with the lyrics…"There’s no reason to hate" (grimace like a loon), "We’re all part of the human race" (run on the spot like a loon etc, etc). We understand it sold like Naomi Campbell’s album and that Adam still has 300 copies holding up his bed. Don’t believe the crap on the cover of some copies of the single sleeve where the image is blanked out because of "shocking nature" of the picture or some other rubbish. The real reason was the drummer and guitarists father said they couldn’t use the photo as they didn’t own the copyright! Anyway this was NMBD at their rawest and possibly their best.

  NMBD No Reason Single NMBD Now cassette   Now Demo Recorded live at Tweeters rehearsal studios in Kingston this was the bands first release under their new moniker of Nightmare By Day. The eponymous track "If Only" seemed to sum up the band at the time and remains one of their most catchy and immediate tracks. You really should track down this and "No Reason" from their website to understand what they were about….

NMBD Twilight _ The Waking Hour cassette   Twilight _ The Waking Hour Despite the addition of a guy out of Showaddywaddy (OK Jason _ see the bloke on the right) this is a fine release containing one of the bands most memorable songs "Mind’s Eye". We lost our long standing gig sharing relationship around this time as they moved off to play the established rock circuit circus (Mean Fiddler, Rock Garden) and got themselves a manager. A shame really ‘cos one of the best things about being in a band at the time was the local scene and how (almost) everybody worked together to make things happen.