Surf Weasel Lyrics

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Despite what they say
It’s locked in my mind
And it’s here to stay
It all happened so fast
Yet it seemed so slow
My friends delight in the fact
I was the last to know
That you started with him
Before you finished with me
Was I so blind
I could no longer see

Sometimes I think
I’d be better off alone
But I’d spend all my nights
Waiting for the phone
I didn’t realise
What I had before
Was something that was worth
Oh, so much more
Now I want it back
But its not easy to find
Can’t I put my life
on fast rewind?

Now I fully realise
things were good with you
How was I to know
What she’d put me through


POP YOUR CORK Strange disappearances in the middle of the night
We can arrange them all
Careful when you walk along that cliff top edge
You could be heading for a fall
Need someone out of your way?
We’ll go out of ours
People ask such awkward questions
But not anymore.

Come to our garage for your car repairs
You won’t be stopping at all
And you’ll be doing your swimming face down
When you visit our pool
And if you’ve never thought of suicide
We’re thinking of it for you
And if you ever thought of speaking out
Remember what we can do.

From Greenpeace ships
To nuclear scientists
If you’ve got trouble on your hands
We’re the boys to cal
So clean and discreet
And we leave no traces
Problematic people sniffing around
We’ll remove their faces

Because if a jobs worth doing at all
It’s worth doing for good.
And if you’re worth doing at all
You’re worth doing for good. A MIND OF YOUR OWN
Your belief in punk rock
Can be used as a measure of your own insecurity
Is it so hard to believe that you have
Your own thoughts and capabilities

It’s so very easy to be taken in
By words from just a simple song
Understand that you have your own mind
So don’t blindly sing along

Turning, to cling onto dreams
Grasping, Hold all that is dear
Slipping, your grip on yourself
Yourself, the only thing to fear.
Feelings, the basis of hope
Guilt, maybe too close to home
Assert, control of your destiny
Keep it, a mind of your own

You alone, are in direct control
Of your thoughts and your actions
The power to determine your life
Relies on your hold over your reactions

If others seem to run your life
Using clever words on a record sleeve
Remember you are the one to decide
Just in what, you want to believe.