Surf Weasel Photos Page2

Surf Weasel Irish tour 2       local bands, punk mp3s, sisters of percy             photo archive blog copy               SURF WEASEL               surf weasel recordings photos interviews lyrics       Surf Weasel road crew "We are the road crew" _ left to right Paul, James, Chris, Mike, Seamus, Pablo and Steve which means the photo was probably taken by Andrew from Alumni Feedback Surf Weasel _ Get In The Van Chris liked sleeping in the van. It was probably a great deal quieter than being with the rest of the band. It’s looks amazingly tidy here. The RUC once opened up the back of the van to conduct a search, took one look and said ‘Alright lads, I don’t think we’ll bother"! Surf Weasel Food Fight "Food Fight" Surf Weasel stylee