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The Throbs , punk rock, caveman       local bands, punk mp3s, sisters of percy             photo archive blog copy       Throbs Home | Biography | Interviews | Photos | Lyrics | Relations | Thanks   WE MAKE HOMEBREW NOT WAR…. The Throbs existed from 1985 to around 1990 in various guises, sometimes a joke band, sometimes political. It’s rumoured they split up due to musical similarities. For the complete band history and all the line up changes have a look at the photo gallery. 


They recorded several demo’s but only ever made it to vinyl once (and that was by accident). This is a strange tale and well worth reading about on the biography page.


Their most famous song (well the one everyone shouted out for when they were not shouting for "Get Off" or "You’re useless") was Caveman _ a classic song about a boy who gets chucked for someone better looking with a flash car.