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Margaret Thatcher _ our part in her downfall
The Railway Tavern, Surbiton August 1985, a chance meeting of people who knew each other who knew each other who had too much to drink led to the forming of the Throbs. Original guitarist Matthew Blakely and original bassist Andy Guy decided to pull a band together and stuck for a singer asked Steve Cotton to front it all up (for no other reasons other than he was a). available (as in he couldn’t sing and was therefore unsuitable band material) b). stupid enough to say yes which was probably because he was c). pissed at the time. The search for a drummer took another few minutes and Gareth Addicot joined the band. We decided on a get together at the local scout hut to write some songs and choose a name….
THE SWABS _ Matthew was a medical student at the time and came up with the name of THE SWABS and we all agreed that this would be punk rock enough. Unfortunatley Andy misheard this and merrily started telling everyone the band was going to be called The Throbs and the name kind of stuck from this point onwards. Gareth didn’t last as a drummer (chiefly because his drumkit was a little sparse consisting only of a snare and hi hat) and we recruited Paddy to play our fast approaching first gig. We plastered the local town with flyers and went round local pubs giving out handbills. When we finally ran out of pubs we frequented, we tried some we didn’t normally go into and ended up in the Druids Head in Kingston. Here we met another local band NMBD and gave them our flyers only for them to retaliate with their own flyers. This led to us doing the local band thing _ you know _ “we’ll go to your gig if you go to ours” and so a week later we all trooped along to a scout hut in New Malden to see how it should be done. Much to our surprise NMBD returned the compliment a couple of weeks later and turned up (along with a few mates) at our first gig with Liquid Hedgehog and The Third Man at Grove Hall in Kingston (September 85). We played for about 30 minutes; not bad seeing as we only formed five weeks before and some of us had never played live. By this time we’d built up a bit of trust with NMBD and they asked us to support them at their upcoming gig in St Andrews Hall Wimbledon. In the meantime we set about recording our first demo using their drummer, Tony, three days after our first gig. It cost 39 pounds including the master tape and comprised of six songs. We remember thinking at the time that we could not sustain this kind of expense between us and that the band was getting expensive. We chucked the songs and a recording of our live set onto a fairly priced tape (i.e. one pound) and Matt knocked up a cover so we could flog it to unsuspecting punters. To date this demo is our best selling release, notching up over 700 copies sold. next page

  The very first Throbs practice…and there are just hours left in the band for our first drummer         The set list from the first gig with NMBD