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Armed with this new product we got ready for the Wimbledon gig only for our second drummer Paddy to drop out at the last moment. Rob from Liquid Hedgehog (I think) stepped up to the mark with only 24 hours to go, learnt all the songs and played a blinder. Then he left as quickly as he came. This was getting to be a problem and so Tony from NMBD agreed to join the band and remained our drummer throughout the rest of our time together. Except for, that is, one gig at the William Morris when a geezer we didn’t know at all drummed for us and another where we poached Martin Jones from NMBD for the night). After going through six drummers in such a short space of time we started to eye up the drum machine box in ABC music with renewed interest (less space in the van, drinks less, doesn’t moan about or pinch your girlfriends etc). The Wimbledon gig was great with a good crowd by our standards (but not by NMBD’s). We had a slight disagreement over the wording of a statement they gave out about the lyrics of one of their songs and the death of PC Blakelock in the Tottenham riots. Basically they were saying they extended their sympathy to his family or something similar and quite frankly at the time we didn’t give a fuck about his family to be honest, taking the all coppers are bastards line. Looking back theirs was the more logical approach _ if you object to capital punishment how can you be in favour of hacking up cops? Still, we played “British Pork” and changed none of it’s “fuck the pigs” sentiment. In our lives up to this time we saw no reason to see the police as anything but the force behind the biggest bunch of organised extortionists in the land, i.e. the government. Tony joined the band on a permanent basis from this point on with gigs following in Leicester, Leighton Buzzard and of course Wimbledon, Wimbledon and Wimbledon again and again. We also played under the name of the Throbs in Durham just for a laugh at some battle of the bands epic on a CND summer tour but the less said about that the better. Matthew and Andy left the band around this time to be replaced by Chris Nash (ex Sex With Sharon) and James Jenkins (ex Maniac, Anathema and basically every band going locally at the time). next page

Matthew Blakely and Steve Throb _ Somebody call a doctor!