Throbs Biography 2

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Good Gigs
First gig (just felt right), any with NMBD (friendly crowds) / Maniac & Anathema (good drinking mates) / Culture Shock & Oi Polloi (big crowds / good bands). Kingston Green Fair _ playing in the sun and pissing off the posh people in the houses on the other side of the river.

Bad Gigs
Playing with Fungus _ this really should have just been resolved in a fight between both sets of crowds. Everyone was two faced, including us.

Some squatted houses in New Malden where we went on at 2AM in the morning, just after the guy with the vocal PA cleared off. This meant Steve had to stand in front of the band and just shout as loud as he could. Also, Matt couldn’t play ‘cos he was tripping and off his tits.

Hey it was great / No it was shit gigs
Newtown Neurotics in Leighton Buzzard where Matt’s guitar broke and the Neurotics wouldn’t lend us one (this was going to be our only gig with two guitarists). They carried the wounded out in dumper trucks that night _ there was so much violence. On the plus side there was 14 of us who traveled up so we all had a right laugh all the same.

Legion Of Parasites in Hounslow. Some guy got a bottle in the neck before we went on stage, blood everywhere. The Hackney hell crew turned up in force and intimidated everyone. Some seriously hard NF skinhead (circa 20 stone) checked the gig out for free and the cops turned up twice while we were playing. This sounds like a bad gig but it was one of the best. We played our socks off because basically we were shitting ourselves the whole way through. next page

Ultra violent gig but one of the very best we played….