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After recording their first demo "Homebrew Not War" (six tracks start to finish in one day) the band decided a little more thought and application was called for if they were going to make it onto vinyl.  As a result the luxury of recording just two songs in a day seemed to be the answer to a better product. "British Pork" was recorded specifically for an upcoming ROT records compilation (home of legendary Mansfield punk heroes RIOT SQUAD). A second track, "Happy But Ignorant" was started but never finished with just the guide vocal being left in rather than being sung without any real pretence of being a proper song (as if that would have made a significant difference)!

The master tape was duly sent off to ROT records who for reasons we never really understood got the two tracks mixed up and put out "Happy But Ignorant" on the brilliantly dumbly titled "Punk Lives Lets Slam" LP. The funniest thing about the whole sorry mess was that they even managed to spell "Ignorant" wrong on the sleeve. Guitarist Matt was so disgusted by the cock up he has never owned a copy. Bassist Andy was on the hand a bit more egocentric and played it to anyone who would listen much to the rest of the bands embarrassment

Years later singer Steve bought an out of date copy of LA based magazine Flipside whilst in Australia. On looking at the charts for the Top 20 requests for Rodney on The ROQ’s he found much to his surpise that "Happy But Ignorant" was the fifteenth most requested song over a considerable period of time. Unsure if he was pleased or embarrassed about the whole thing he did the decent thing and kept quiet about it until years later he saw Blur on the front cover of the NME with none other than Rodney On The Roq, the interview inside stating that for Blur to break in America they had to get their records played by one of Americas most influential DJ’s, the aforementioned Rodney. So there you have it, a song never intended to see the light of day almost got the Throbs broken Stateside and they would never have known about it. Maybe one day we’ll tell Rodney this story when we’re a bit more wrinkly and he’ll invite on the show so he can play the song that he should have played!

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