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BRITISH PORK The police are immune from the so called law
Their corruption lies and brutality ignored
Little John Shorthouse asleep in his bed
Another police accident shot him dead

Aggressive and arrogant, the government whores
The British police make their own laws
Violent and brutal, covering up their mistakes
The British police are a bloody disgrace
Bigoted and corrupt, using guns more and more
The British police are a danger to us all

Standing on the street you get taken away
They call it "Obstruction of the Highway"
I can’t believe all those stories you say
Our police are "the best in the world", aren’t they? huh!?

You try to protest to protect your rights
Along come the pigs just looking for a fight
Remember John Shorthouse asleep in his bed
Was it really an accident that shot him dead?

NO GOVERNMENT The devils in power
Spending more on bombs
Starving all the poor
And buying loads of guns
Gonna get an army
Gonna get a gun
Gonna kill some Russians
As it tells me in the Sun

Brew your own
It’s a late lament
No Maggie Thatcher
And no government

No jobs for the country
No future for the youth
No money for the third world
They never tell the truth

Brew your own….

The tories are in power
Closing all the schools
Investing in death
Shows they are the fools
The rich getting richer
The poor getting poorer
No public spending
As they only buy war

Brew your own….

CAVEMANMy girl left me the other day…
Where she was going she didn’t say
But she left me for another man
A big gorilla with a transit van
Eight foot high with a scar on his face
And bloody great muscles all over the place
My baby left me for another guy

Yeah, yeah he’s an ape man
My baby left me for a caveman

As she left she said I was a wimp
I said better that than a bloody great chimp
But the cow walked out just the same
I hope she never comes back again
Her new boyfriend really suits her well
Because they’re both ugly as hell
I’m glad she left me for another man

I can’t see how they’ll ever have sex
When his face is so certificate X
I’m all alone and asking God
Why she left me for such an ugly sod
She’s lost grip on reality
To go in for bestiality
I’m glad she left me for another man