Throbs Thanks

The Throbs , punk rock, caveman _ thanks       local bands, punk mp3s, sisters of percy             photo archive blog copy       Thanks! Now that we’ve gone we’d like to thank you to the following for the good times and the bad times….

No More Bloody Destruction, New Malden Bowie Division, Nightmare By Day, NMBD (make your bloody mind up chaps)! Cheers for all the gigs, cigs, cider and bills. Oh, and your drummer!

Wombat (aka lee White) for the advertising campaign amongst other services rendered.

Oi Polloi, Hey, we know you always watched us from the bar (which was in the other room) and when pressed Deek politely described our music as "an interesting and unique version of punk" but we enjoyed playing with yer. Plus we broke the world record for how many people can fit in an Austin Maxi when taking you back to the train station.

Maniac and March of Anger. Bassist Ed’s best compliment about the band was "you could have got somewhere three years ago, but now…." Cheers for the extended free transfer of your guitarist!

All the great bands we played with including Liquid Hedgehog, The Third Man, Sex With Sharon, News From Nowhere, Culture Shock, Wat Tyler, Legion of Parasites, Atavistic, Newtown Neurotics, Anathema, Menace Dancers, Intensive Care, Error of Judgment, Shrapnel and Axegrinder.

Andy from Bald Cactus Fanzine

The Organ fanzine crew

Not A Pretty Sight fanzine

Chris Vogan for turning up every time….