Minimax Feltham West London

Minimax Factory, art deco style factory in Feltham West London                                               Minimax Factory, Feltham, West London (art deco style).  Close up of the Minimax ‘M’ atop the preserved entrance. The Minimax Factory was built in 1911 and was demolished during the 1980’s.

The location of the factory on the corner of Faggs Road and Staines Road became in its day a famous landmark known as Minimax Corner. 

Minimax Limited was taken over by The Pyrene Company in 1955.

Chubb & Sons took over Pyrene in 1967.

Minimax and Pyrene continued to trade under their own names until 1971 when Chubb Fire Security Limited was formed.

(with thanks to James for the info). 

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All photographs copyright artofthestate 2014 Minimax Factory, art deco style factory in Feltham West London


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