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Suggest a link _ email NB: please _ no links for online galleries just reselling street art prints   LONDON STREET ART TOURS ShoreditchStreetArtTours Enjoy NoLionsInEngland’s encyclopedic knowledge of London’s street art on a walk around the East End _ and get some great tips to improve your photography at the same time. GRAFFITI / STREET ART _ artists (more here) above look up, above is everywhere adamneate prolific street and studio artist      banksy the original bespoke vandal blek le rat respect is due to the pioneer of the life size stencil C215 street people C6 Dotmasters were here long before it was cool Chu Your mum rang for real Codefc London covered by cameras Conor Harrington weekend warriors copyright girls with fixating looks   Dave The Chimp No chump dface is it a balloon, is it a dog. Whatever, it looks fine on a wall   eelus that star wars stencil and other great art   faile A Canadian, an American and a Japanese walk into a bar…. Herakut photo realistic human canine interaction  ilikedrawing _ exceeds in the effective use of swearing       jon burgerman illustrative style graffiti in many forms   kidacne Sheffield _ knives, forks and spray cans mantis that ineed stencil, plus SA, London and Oz work matt sewell cute animals, fluffy girls. Fluffy animals, cute girls nevercrew this Swiss crew’s site is mad and the art rocks too notbanksy the clues in the title. Giving Banksy themed art away for free or charity Obey giant new book released, an essential purchase part2ism worldwide hypertype phlegm comics phlegm draws comics/zines and spray paints on walls pisa73 just plain fukken great pure evil a nicer chap you couldn’t meet   ronzo vandal extraordinaire thesickboy Bristol’s own yellow and red genius static work from the Static design collaborative syd Graffiti on the box as well as outside of it. Loads of good work. thelondonpolice lads will be lads. Not exactly the Met. toasters one slice or two? rourke van dal  _ fantastic topical art   GRAFFITI / STREET ART _ sites documenting street work etc. _ writers from the UK and beyond. cfye crack for your eyes is a lot less harmful than the other stuff. Creative thinking. French based graffiti documenters   graffoto the thinking mans street art blog _ well most of the time! hookedblog street art, design, toys, trainers and all that’s cool inbetween hurtyoubad _ sometimes a little uncouth, always essential   nuart blog Norway’s best (and only) daily street art blog. Covers street art worldwide. sheffield street art artworks from across the City of Sheffield music, street art from London, Paris and New York the best graffiti from the UK and the world Paris based site with a love of street art streetsy street art illustrated, daily author of Stencil Graffiti, Street Logos and Street Sketchbook Comprehensive look at the UK street art scene vandalog _ daily street art news from the limitless energy that is RJ verynearlyalmost _ print magazine documenting UK street art. Near daily new street art fix over 6000 graffiti photos from Yorkshire GRAFFITI / STREET ART _ forums the largest street art / urban art forum out there. Moderated by Silky to keep things relatively polite at all times. writers forum with well over a million posts and nearly 100K members GRAFFITI / STREET ART _ resources worldwide graffiti and online shop specialising in mural workshops and art since 1995 hire a professional graffiti artist _ clients include the NHS, Arsenal, BBC and Virgin graffitimundo _ promoting urban art in Buenos Aires               GRAFFITI / STREET ART _ galleries selling only original work 100 Artworks buy Graffiti Street and Urban Art with wok from scene stalwarts such as Goldie and Nick Walker   hoodacious selling original art and prints gallery of original art and rare prints    picturesonwalls Banksy, Dface, Sickboy etc. prints Brick Lane / Aldgate based street and urban art gallery  PHOTOGRAPHY _ a few favourites chromasia a stunning new picture every day dicksdaily great photoblog _ a picture a day every day dpreview The best place on the net for photographic reviews     trevorattwood great colourful urban photography with an eye for the unloved  wooller sports and event photography PUNK ROCK / MUSIC caughtinthecrossfire high energy from skateboarding to punk rock and more OTHER RELATED SITES  digitalurban featuring the latest techniques to digitally visualise urban environments. Always full of new ideas.  . Urban75 Top site and a real inspiration for this site