Art of  the State punk and hardcore music archive

ART OF THE STATE MUSIC ARCHIVE Record Labels and band archives Fanzines Kingston Bands from back in the day

The home of Sisters of Percy Records featuring releases by Snuff, HDQ, Culture Shock, Citizen Fish, Wat Tyler and more

Crisispoint _ late 1980’s punk fanzine _ all 3 issues are available for download

The official Surf Weasel archive site _ where you can find out just about everything about those dodgy South London punkers.  

Icons of Filth _ Vocalist Stig died shortly after being on stage in Hackney in 2004. In these pages you can see pictures from the bands who played at the memorial concert plus lyrics, releases and artwork from this seminal band. 

UK Resist _ early 1990’s punk and hardcore nationwide magazine. Issues 1 to 6 available to download.

The official The Throbs archive site _ where you can find out about one of the least influential punk bands ever. 

Punk / hardcore flyers from the mid eighties to the early 90’s

The almost official Compassion and Compassion Family site. Now with added Liquid Chaos.

The NMBD / No More Bloody Destruction / New Malden Bowie Division (you take yer pick) mini site