Waterloo And City Line

Waterloo and City Line _ photos and description                                                       Waterloo and City Line  Some lesser spotted parts of the Waterloo and City Line.  To order a hi_resolution copy of any of these photos click here (image reference LDN_WATCITYL_1) and state image purpose.

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2011 Waterloo and City Line depot

The Waterloo and City Line Depot. The railway has no connection to any other Underground service so trains are serviced in situ in a Depot at the Waterloo end of the line.

Waterloo and City Line Carriage entrance

Waterloo and City Line _ Carriage entrance. This is of relatively recent construction. Carriages used to be lowered in near where the disused Eurostar platforms are located.

Waterloo and City Line Crane

Waterloo and City Line crane in Spur Road _ but this one is not for lifting carriages in and out of depot below, road cranes with significantly more lifting capacity are used for this purpose. 



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