West Ealing To Greenford Gwr Branch Line

West Ealing to Greenford branch line                                                       West Ealing to Greenford _ GWR West London Branch line  The ex GWR line from West Ealing to Greenford is the most obvious survivor from all of the companies local routes in West London. Covering just two and a half miles of track it is still in use today serving Castle Bar Park, Drayton Green and South Greenford along its route. Part of the reason for its survival is that the line itself forms part of a connecting service between other lines. Based on passenger numbers alone at one time it would have look like a candidate for closure but it has survived the axe. Key facts and figures:

Distance from West Ealing: Drayton Green (0.5 miles), Castlebar Park (1 miles), South Greenford (1.75 miles) and Greenford (2.75 miles).

Station Opening dates: West Ealing (March 1871), Drayton Green (March 1905), Castlebar Park (May 1904), South Greenford (September 1926) and Greenford (October 1904).

All stations remain open. 

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  Ealing Broadway to Greenford railwayRecently unearthed pictures from the loft _ a train at Ealing Broadway destined for Greenford. 

Drayton green halt station

The view from the cab leaving Drayton Green station

Train at Drayton Green Station

On the platform at Drayton Green Station

Drayton green railway line

The view from my friends Gran’s flat between West Ealing and Drayton Green station.

Drayton Green Halt

Drayton Green Halt seen from the road bridge in the 80’s

Drayton green Station

The same station today

Castle Bar Park Station

Castle Bar Park Station

Greenford Station

End of the line _ Greenford station




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