Banksy Books

Official Banksy Books

Of the four Banksy books released to date only Wall and Piece is still widely available. The other three A6 size pocket books are out of print and only available on the second hand market (the good news is that most of their content appears in Wall and Piece).

Banksy Wall and Piece book
Wall and Piece
Banksy Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall
Banging Your Head
Banksy Exitstencilism Book
Banksy Cut It Out Book
Cut It Out

Unofficial Banksy Books

Outside of Banksy’s own authorised output there are a myriad of titles covering all angles ranging from in depth analysis of his work to colouring in books. Which one(s) to get? Here’s a round up of all that’s currently out there.

Banksy Acceptable Level of Threat book
Banksy You Are An Acceptable Level Of Threat
Where's Banksy book
Where's Banksy?
Banksy's Bristol - Home Sweet Home Book
Banksy's Bristol - Home Sweet Home
Banksy - The Bristol Legacy Book
Banksy - The Bristol Legacy
Banksy - The Man Behind The Wall
Banksy - The Man Behind The Wall
Banksy - Urban Art In a Material World book
Banksy Urban Art In A Material World
Banksy Locations and Tours Volume One
Banksy Locations And Tours Volume One
Banksy Locations and A Tour Volume 2
Banksy Locations And A Tour Volume Two
Seven Years With Banksy book
Seven Years With Banksy

Home Sweet Home / Banksy Locations and Tours Volumes 1, 2 and 3 / Seven Years With Banksy / Banksy – The Man Behind The Wall / Banksy Myths and Legends / Banksy – The Bristol Legacy


Finally one thing that’s really noticeable about Banksy books is that there hasn’t been a new official one for well over a decade. This despite the fact that ‘Wall and Piece‘ was by far the biggest selling art book for some time after it’s release in 2005. I can’t be sure why this is. There’s a theory that its because so much of the work is reproduced in other books already. I don’t know how much that stands up – there was plenty of work in Wall and Piece that hadn’t been attributed to Banksy before it was published and I’d expect the same with a new volume. We can only hope something will turn up sooner or later.