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Maidenhead Boyne Hill Station 

Maidenhead Boyne Hill Station was opened on the 1st August 1854 as part of the Wycombe Railway and virtually unnoticed it still stands there today. As you climb up Castle Hill out of Maidenhead the A4 road passes over the line at a point where an elaborate brick structure looks a little too complicated to be just a simple bridge. Two bricked up arches give the game away. These were the original entrances to Maidenhead Boyne Hill station's platforms below. It's tempting to wonder what is behind these walls - are there still steps down and was everything removed before they were sealed like some kind of tomb?

The station was originally simply called Maidenhead (Wycombe Branch) and acquired its Boyne Hill suffix at a later date. Its period in use was short too, it had closed by 1871 less than 20 years after it had opened. Perhaps the walk up the hill to the station from the town did not help its survival but ultimately it was the new Maidenhead Station located on the main line from Paddington that sealed its fate. Opening on the same day as Boyne Hill closed it has remained Maidenhead's station to this day.  

Further detail on the Boyne Hill Station can be found in 'First Stop Maidenhead' by Matthew Wells.

All photographs copyright artofthestate 2011

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All photographs copyright artofthestate 2011 except Maidenhead Castle Hill Station illustration.

Maidenhead Boyne Hill Station

The remains of the original Maidenhead Boyne Hill station are still visible today. 

Maidenhead Boyne Hill

The two bricked up entrances originally led to the booking hall and the platforms

Maidenhead Boyne Hill Station remains

Inside this bridge there is reputed to be the original booking hall area

Maidenhead Castle Hill Station

Maidenhead Castle Hill Station illustration


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