Helch graffiti

Helch really came to the public’s attention when he went over maybe the most famous piece of graffiti in the Greater London area. For years the phrase ‘Give Peas A Chance’ had loomed large across the top of a bridge over the M25. When Helch modified this to read ‘Give Helch a Break’ there was some outrage with some individuals even asking for the original graffiti to be reinstated. The truth is that the graffiti on this bridge has been something of an evolution – the original text simply read ‘Peas’ and was only later modified by being bookended by “Give’ and “a chance”.

Whatever people think of Helch it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore Helch graffiti in London. From a clutch of bridges on the M25 the name is now appearing on the Tube network and even in Royal Windsor – and that’s what this article is about. Sometimes graffiti artists like Helch just can’t be ignored when they keep on popping up everywhere in high traffic, high profile spots. Ballsy, in your face and with no little skill in planning and execution here are some of the artists best hits.

Helch graffiti, Windsor Castle
Helch graffiti, Windsor Castle
Helch Brentford
Helch at Brentford Community Stadium
Helch, Kew
Helch, near Kew
Helch tag
Helch tags outside Village Underground in Shoreditch
Photo of Helch Graffiti
Helch graffiti on the M25
M25 Helch Graffiti
Helch graffiti on the M25
Photo of Helch graffiti on the M1
Helch graffiti on the M1
Helch graffiti – West London trackside
Helch – Sloane Square. Originally the left hand ‘H’ was pink but after removal attempts it reappeared in a different colour.
Helch graffiti on a derelict restaurant in Hayes