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Hi, I’m Art Of The State aka Steve Cotton, a London based photographer and this has been my photo blog and personal archive since 2001.

If you have a photo usage request it should be sent to: photos@artofthestate.co.uk. Full details on ordering can be found here. Please note: Charges will be levied for non authorised usage of any photo for which the copyright is owned by Steve Cotton that is used without prior permission. For a full list of these charges please use the contact email address below

Any other comments, enquiries, suggestions should be sent to to Steve Cotton: contact@artofthestate.co.uk

As well as this blog you can find me here

Twitter – artofthestateuk (everything)

Flickr – artofthestate (street art)

Instagram – artofthestateuk (street art)

Instagram – artofthestatepunk (punk bands)

Instagram – mindthemoquette (London Underground)

Youtube – artofthestatepunk (punk band videos)

Youtube – artofthestate (street art / London)

Facebook – Art Of The State (street art)

Threads – artofthestateuk

You can find also my work in a whole range of publications including Dazed & Confused, Elle, Elle Decor, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Savoy Magazine, New York Times, Kerrang, Record Collector, Vive Le Rock, The Independent, Sothebys, Time Out, Daily Mail, The British Council, Amazon Publishing, Railway Herald, Getty Images, Arsenal Football Club, The Sun, Metro, The Big Issue, The Victoria and Albert Museum and Vogue.


Steve, January 2024


3 thoughts on “About / Contact

  • Steven mcclain

    Can you tell me how has the name Tapir fits into Banksy’s world. thank you very much

    • Joe Thompson

      Gave Lowestoft a real boost BEFORE being ripped out and sold abroad. The local community responded in kind https://lowestoftoldandnow.org/painting/banksy-vending-machine

  • Hey Steve,
    I was just googling and found your site. So cool. What’s even better, is the Ripcord, RMD, Maniac flyer for the William Morris club.
    So… I was the drummer with Real Molesworth Dirt and would love to know where the tape of the gig can be found. Just for shits and giggles. Look forward to your response. Cheers


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