Skyhigh Graffiti

Skyhigh (also known as 5kyh1gh on Instagram and Weareskyhigh on Facebook) has two main recurring styles in his graffiti work which can be found all over London. First is the amazing lettering, full of colour and with unique shapes and styles throughout, it makes his work instantly recognisible. Second is his use of photorealistic animals either as standalone pieces of included in his lettering.

Skyhigh Feltham Circles
Skyhigh at Feltham Circles
Skyhigh Berrylands
Skyhigh – Damn trains by Berrylands station
Skyhigh Croydon
Skyhigh – Croydon
Skyhigh - Hanbury street
Skyhigh – Hanbury Street
Skyhigh - Rizla
Skyhigh ‘Rizla’ style graffiti at Feltham Circles
Skyhigh New Haw
Skyhigh nature graffiti at New Haw
Skyhigh Robin graffiti
Skyhigh Robin graffiti in Leake Street
Skyhigh Leake Street
Skyhigh Leake Street
Skyhigh - Leake Street
Skyhigh graffiti in Leake Street

Skyhigh on Facebook

Skyhigh on Instagram

Skyhigh often works with Roo – see their joint website here: