Banksy Captured by Steve Lazarides

Banksy Captured Vol 1 by Steve Lazarides, Carpet Bombing Culture • ISBN: 978-164713612-3
Publication date: December 2019 • 256 pages • 260 X 210 X 21 mm

Banksy Captured by Steve Lazarides

What’s it about? Banksy’s agent Steve Lazarides was right there when things happened in the early days. His unique photos capture iconic pieces in place and much of behind scenes action too such as shots from the studio.

Unique Selling Point: The whole damn book is full of unique photos, including many never seen before of the artist at work (whilst always protecting his identity).

Not so great: This is only volume one – there’s more to come which is both great and ultimately going to cost you!

Who’s It For? Once you’ve got Wall and Piece this is where you should go next.

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