Banksy Captured Volume 2

Banksy Captured Volume 2 by Steve Lazarides

Banksy Captured Volume 2 book by Steve Lazarides, Published 2020 by Laz Emporium, various editions, 308 full colour pages

Banksy Captured 2 Book
Banksy Captured 2 book by Steve Lazarides

What’s it about? The second instalment of Banksy photos from his former agent and photographer Steve Lazarides.  

Unique Selling Point: Steve had the inside track on the rise of the artist. Many of these photos do not exist anywhere else to date and they offer a chance to see early work in a pristine condition, unlike many other books.

Not so great: There’s very little in the way of text, some more of Steve’s recollections would have illustrated the pieces as much as the photos but then again a lot of this was criminal damage to be fair. Also the cost of some of the limited editions but thankfully a paperback was subsequently released which makes it more affordable to many.

Who’s It For? Got Wall and Piece, got Banksy Captured volume one? This is probably where you should go next (although I’d argue that it’s actually more interesting than Banksy Captured Volume One)

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