Banksy – The Man Behind The Wall book review

Banksy – The Man Behind The Wall book by Will Ellsworth Jones

Aurum Press Ltd, 320 pages, ISBN10-178310408  ISBN13-178310403

What’s it about? A weighty tome from a ‘serious’ investigative journalist that seeks to find out who Banksy is without killing the golden goose.

Unique Selling Point: The author has actually occasionally got off his arse to go and interview people face to face rather than just spending a couple of hours on Google doing copy and paste.

Not so great: The author says it is time that Banksy should officially reveal his identity – as if this decision has something to do with Mr Ellsworth Jones who needs to sit himself down and get his ego back under control.

Who’s it for? People who didn’t know know a lot about Banksy before 2009 (for example Will Ellsworth Jones).

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