Seasons Greetings – Banksy in Port Talbot

Season’s Greetings – Ian Lewis and Richard Bamsey

Seasons Greetings by Ian Lewis and Richard Bamsey, published 2020 by Wasteland Publications, ISBN 9798572791440, paperback, 169 pages.

Banksy - Season's Greetings book
Banksy – Season’s Greetings book

What’s it about? On December 18th, 2018 steelworker Ian Lewis woke up to find a freshly painted Banksy on the side of his garage in Port Talbot. This book is a first person account of what happened next.  

Unique Selling Point: This book lays bare the stress that occurs when you are suddenly gifted a six-figure artwork on a publicly accessible piece of your property. 24-hour security, art dealers, the council, local gossip – the list of problems is endless. 

Not so great: The appearance of serial art taker John Brandler to whisk the artwork away

Who’s It For? Anyone who wonders ‘what happened next’. It’ll make you think ‘what would I do if this happened to me’.


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