Where’s Banksy Book review

Where’s Banksy book review.

Xavier Tapes – 224 pages – published 1st Nov 2016 ISBN-10 1909051357 / ISBN-13 978-1909051355. Publisher – Graffito Books

Banksy Wheres Banksy book

Banksy – Where’s Banksy book

What’s it about?  Banksy’s main pieces worldwide from 2002 to 2017.

Unique selling point: If you’re looking for something of a timeline of Banksy’s work set against a map of the World this is the best book out there right now..

Not so great: Some of the descriptions as to why Banksy painted particular pieces are completely devoid of evidence and in a couple of cases quite clearly missing the point.

Who’s it for? People who like things neatly filed away – so if you arrange your CD’s from A-Z and by musical genre then this is probably for you.


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