Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop Film

Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film

Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD
Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop DVD

‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ is not only fabulously made, it will probably spark a discussion about what art is and its role in society’. Allen Johnson – San Francisco Chronicle (USA).

‘Cruelly entertaining’ **** Telegraph (UK)

‘Priceless and hilarious’ **** Guardian (UK)

“I am giving the ultimate in undesired praise, a favourable review in the Left’s most routinely reviled newspaper” **** Daily Mail (UK)

“a hugely entertaining movie, a fascinating record of an influential art movement infused with a suitably anarchic spirit” **** Times (UK)

“This chaotically charming film delivers” Independent (UK)

“the film is a rousing tribute to street art, a crafty autobiography and a cheeky comment on the bravado of artists, talented or otherwise, and the gullibiliy of their punters – us included” **** Time Out (London, UK)

“Banksy proves a skilled editor and organiser of material” **** Evening Standard (London, UK)

“A larky, deftly executed exercise in rug-pulling that really makes you think” Metro (London, UK)

“Exit Through The Gift Shop then becomes that rarest of art documentaries, one that actually leaves viewers with a better sense of the gifted versus the phony” Time Out (New York, USA)