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Banksy – Prints and Original Artwork buyers guide and advice

Banksy prints

Genuine Banksy prints and original art require very deep pockets when buying on the secondary market. There’s a lot of fakes out there and it pays to do your research.

First off please note that does not sell or value Banksy prints or original artwork. Neither do we have any information on when new prints may become available.


The simplest advice I can give you is to only buy from official sources and only buy if you like the art enough to justify parting with the cash required. If you follow these two rules you’ll never be disappointed. The official sources are as follows:

Banksy Prints: aka POW

Banksy Original Artwork enquiries: Pest Control Office “a handling service acting on behalf of the artist Banksy”

That said neither of the above sources have actually advertised any items for sale on their websites for several years now and POW closed down operations in December 2017.


There is a huge amount of Banksy material on Ebay – most of it at the time of writing is simply posters of photographs of his work on the street or copies of canvases and screen prints he’s produced.  Whatever you think don’t buy any of this stuff in the hope that it will go up in value and don’t pay much more than the cost of getting the photograph reproduced.

CHECKING AUTHENTICITY: can authenticate any original Banksy work or official Banksy print for a fee.

They will not authenticate any work that has been removed from the street.