Banksy Crude Oils exhibition, London 2005

Banksy Crude Oils exhibition, London 2005

Banksy – Crude Oils show, London 2005

Crude Oils was a “gallery of re-mixed masterpieces, vandalism and vermin” and ran for a over a week in a small shop at 100 Westbourne Grove, London finishing on Monday 24th October 2005. Admission was free – if you could stand the thought of sharing the gallery space accompanied by around 200 live black rats. Environmental health officers came out and checked the show and found everything to be in order despite the protests from other businesses nearby. The artworks were reworked copies of well known standards of the art world including Monet, Warhol, Jack Vetrianno and Van Gogh – mainly paintings but there were also some sculptures on display too. The location – between Notting Hill and Bayswater, is presently occupied by the Whitewall Galleries chain of artwork outlets.

Banksy Monet Water Lilies

Banksy ‘Show Me The Monet’ (after Monet)

Banksy Van Gogh - Sunflowers from a Petrol Station

Banksy ‘Sunflowers From Petrol Station’ (after Van Gogh)

Banksy Value Tomato Soup

Banksy – Cream of Tomato Soup (after Andy Warhol)

Banksy - Image Not Currently Available

Banksy – Image Not Currently Available

Banksy Police Incident oil painting

Banksy Police Incident country scene

Banksy pantomime horseBanksy pantomime horse

Banksy modified oil paintingBanksy modified oil painting

Banksy - Crude Oils modified paintingBanksy Crude Oils (after Jack Vettriano)

 Banksy Crude OilsBanksy Crude Oils modified painting