Banksy – Cargo yard works – guard and HMV dogs

Banksy – Authorised Graffiti Area and Guard dog and HMV dog in the yard of Cargo. Location – Cargo, Rivington Street. STATUS – Still in good condition, behind see through protective covering.

Banksy - Designated Graffiti Area with guard and dog

Banksy’s two pieces that remain in the yard of Cargo, Rivington Street, London are real survivors. Dating back to the early 2000’s they appeared after he had held his first exhibition in the tunnel outside the bar and nightclub.

The first one you will notice is right by the yard entrance and depicts a uniformed official with a flashlight and poodle on its leash standing by a sign painted on the wall that states it is a ‘Designated Graffiti Area’.

Near the end of the yard furthest from the street is Banksy’s take on Nipper, the HMV dog, silencing His Master’s Voice with a well aimed Bazooka. Around the piece is work from Stylo.

Banksy – HMV Dog

All photos: Steve Cotton /