Banksy – Falling Shopper

Banksy – Falling Shopper – Location – Bruton Lane, Mayfair. STATUS – Reported as lost in April 2023

Banksy - Falling Shopper

Banksy’s ‘Falling Shopper’ was located in London’s Mayfair district and for many years was one of the best preserved pieces in the capital – probably in part because it was so high off the ground. As ever with Banksy the location is a key part of the work. The building was tall enough for you to imagine someone is actually falling – an effect only enhanced by the subtle shadowing which visually separates the figure from the wall behind. The building has since been demolished.

A shopping trolley is depicted falling through the air with it’s owner not far behind arms outstretched trying to gain a grip on the handles even as they plummet to the ground. In the trolley are various items reflecting a high standard of living – a necklace and a wine bottle are caught in freefall.

Banksy Falling Shopper