Banksy Graffiti artist, Ladbroke Grove

Banksy – artist painting graffiti in Ladbroke Grove

Banksy graffiti artist painter in Ladbroke Grove

Banksy’s depiction of an artist painting a graffiti style rendition of the name Banksy first appeared on the side of a building in Cambridge Gardens, Ladbroke Grove back in 2008. Unconfirmed reports at the time claimed it had been painted in broad daylight behind a scaffolding tower. It was not visible in the condition you can see above for long, as it was rapidly covered in Perspex sheet for protection. It then became even harder to see properly for a while through a mixture of tagging over the top and the fact that it was often being behind a market stall. At one point it was even reportedly sold on Ebay for £208,000 and scheduled for removal but has stubbornly remained in situ.

Banksy – Ladbroke Grove graffiti artist

In 2017 it was announced it would form part of a development of new flats and be visible from a first floor location – and illuminated at night. Ultimately though the property developer thought there was too much risk in this move and in 2019 it was unveiled again in its original location. It was since given a Robbo makeover but in July 2023 it was reported as being restored and is visible once again.

Banksy graffiti painter in November 2020

All photos: Steve Cotton /