Dotmasters (C6)

Dotmasters (C6) street art in London

Dotmasters at Cargo
Dotmasters – ‘There is no subculture only subversion’ art at Cargo, Rivington Street (photo: Steve Cotton)
Dotmasters at the Cans Festival
Dotmasters ‘What A Load Of Rubbish’ at the Cans Festival, Leake Street (photo: Steve Cotton)
Dotmasters (C6) on Brick Lane 2002
Dotmasters dynamite stencil, Brick Lane 2002 (photo: Steve Cotton)
Dotmasters at One Foot In The Grove
Dotmasters at One Foot In The Grove, Ladbroke Grove (photo: Steve Cotton)
Dotmasters in Camden
Dotmasters in Camden (photo: Steve Cotton)
Cans Festival Poster modified by Dotmasters
Cans Festival poster – modified by Dotmasters (photo: Steve Cotton)