Junkerade uses a variety of methods to produce street art predominantly in West London around the Heathrow area. There used to be a website which documented the work alongside some brief supporting text but this seems to have disappeared in recent times. I occasionally helped out with photographing some of the pieces but there are probably a lot more as this is a particularly undocumented part of London as regards street art. Junkerade also had a piece displayed in Martin Bull’s exhibition (a canvas version of the GI stencil below) at the Pogo Cafe in Hackney alongside Arofish and other political artists.

Junkerade GI stencil

Junkerade – GI Joe stencil, Feltham

In Case Of Civil Unrest - junkerade

‘In Case Of Civil Unrest’ – Junkerade

Street Art documentary - Junkerade

Street art documentary CCTV sign – Junkerade, Shoreditch

Junkerade - Rise

‘Rise’ by Junkerade, Feltham

'Dump' by Junkerade, Feltham

‘Dump’ by Junkerade, Feltham

Missile launcher - Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Altererd Tube sign - Junkerade

BTP, Altered Tube train sign – Junkerade

Drips Question

Gravity misdirection – Junkerade, Feltham

Women Of Britain - Junkerade

Women of Britain – Fight The Credit Crunch (Junkerade)


In case of Cameron being PM – Riot kit, Feltham