Mobstr Street Art

Mobstr Street Art in London

Mobstr’s clever wordplay often appears on walls as a conversation with both the viewer and the authorities.

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Mobstr - This will be available on canvas later
Mobstr – This will be available on canvas later. Brick Lane area.

Mobstr boring walls

Mobstr – A bit of paint keeps the boring walls away (Hackney Wick)

Mobstr - Didn't get arrested
Mobstr – Didn’t get arrested


Mobstr - apartment block
Mobstr -C’mon Guys. It’s an apartment block not a village’ Hackney Wick


Mobstr - Huh
Mobstr – Huh? With Sweet Toof, Gold Peg, Horror in Shoreditch

Mobstr cultured

Mobstr – If you stare at this and stroke your chin you may appear intelligent and cultured (Brick Lane)

Mobstr - Huh

Mobstr – Huh? (Bethnal Green)

Mobstr - Expression

Mobstr – Expression is natural, concrete is not

Mobstr - Idea

Mobstr – Good idea to paint on a wall (Spitalfields)

Mobstr - snow

Mobstr – Oh wow look it’s some street art (Bethnal Green)

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